The Top 50 Black Gate Posts in September

The Top 50 Black Gate Posts in September

I’m honestly not sure where September went. It was just here a second ago, and then…. bam. It slipped out the back like a grounded teenager with the car keys.

Well, September may have been brief, but it was action packed. We published 108 blog entries, celebrating neglected fantasy of all kinds — old, new, and in between. We explained why humorous fantasy isn’t popular, examined the iconic beauty of Princess Leia, revealed the lost Sherlock Holmes story, and highlighted a great many new releases and vintage paperbacks. I’m still catching up on all the great stuff we covered, and it’s halfway through October already.

Our most popular article last month was Scott Taylor’s list of the Top 10 TSR Cover Paintings of All Time, a nostalgic look at the finest artwork from the Golden Age of roleplaying. If you played RPGs at all last century, Scott’s piece will bring back some great memories.

Second on the list was Part I of Patty Templeton’s Self-Publishing Checklist, an item-by-item catalog of the essential steps to getting your self-published novel into the hands of readers. Patty’s own book, There is no Lovely End, exploded onto the scene in July and has already become one of the hottest self-published horror titles of the year.

The third most popular article in September was 10 Acclaimed Historical Fantasy Novels You Need to Read, a list of the most exciting new releases in the hottest new sub-genre in fantasy. Compiled by our editorial staff, this list will point you to some of the best reading of the year.

Fourth was our Vintage Treasures article on Andre Norton’s classic The Beast Master, one of her most successful novels. And rounding out the Top Five was James Maliszewski’s fond look back at RPGs of the mid-80s, The Golden Age.

After the list of top articles for September, I’ve also broken out the most popular blog categories for the month.

The complete Top 50 Black Gate posts in September were:

  1. Art of the Genre: The Top 10 TSR Cover Paintings of All Time
  2. Self-Publishing Checklist: The Random No One Tells You, Part I
  3. 10 Acclaimed Historical Fantasy Novels You Need to Read
  4. Vintage Treasures: The Beast Master and Lord of Thunder by Andre Norton
  5. The Golden Age
  6. Self-Publishing Checklist: The Random No One Tells You, Part II
  7. What Did That Say? Or, When is a Subtitle not a Subtitle?
  8. The Public Life of Sherlock Holmes: The “Lost” Holmes Story
  9. Why Humorous Fantasy Isn’t Popular
  10. Art of the Genre: The Art of Selling your Past


  11. An Interview with Emmy Jackson, Author of Empty Cradle: The Untimely Death of Corey Sanderson
  12. Walter Booth: Pioneer of British Science Fiction Film
  13. Art of the Genre: Art of the Iconic Female #5: Princess Leia
  14. Joe Abercrombie’s Half a King Hits Half the Mark
  15. Living Outside Society’s Rules: Blackguards
  16. The Swordfolk Among Us
  17. What Would it Look Like to Pull a Watchmen on Planetary Romance? Part III
  18. The Ballantine Adult Fantasy Series: Land of Unreason by Fletcher Pratt and L. Sprague de Camp
  19. Hell to Pay: The Devil and Daniel Webster in Print and on Film
  20. Vintage Treasures: Cemetery World by Clifford D. Simak


  21. Kirby McCauley, September 11, 1941 — August 30, 2014
  22. A Mining Colony, a Blind Date, and a Ghostly Alien Hand: A Review of Outpassage by Janet Morris & Chris Morris
  23. The Top 20 Black Gate Fiction Posts in August
  24. These Robots Are Revolting: Magnus, Robot Fighter 4000 A.D.
  25. Self-Publishing Checklist: The Random No One Tells You, Part III
  26. Vintage Treasures: The Voyage of the Space Beagle by A. E. van Vogt
  27. Dueling Rakes, Mysterious Women, and the Goblin Aristocracy: The Queen’s Necklace by Teresa Edgerton
  28. The Public Life of Sherlock Holmes: Doyle in The Resident Patient?
  29. Future Treasures: The Mammoth Book of Steampunk Adventures edited by Sean Wallace
  30. Vintage Treasures: Orlando Furioso, the First Big Fat Fantasy Ever?


  31. New Treasures: Sword & Mythos, edited by Silvia Moreno-Garcia and Paula R. Stiles
  32. Meet The Mad Mummy
  33. Eugie Foster, December 30, 1971 – September 27, 2014
  34. What Would it Look Like to Pull a Watchmen on Planetary Romance? Part IV – The Conclusion
  35. Vintage Treasures: The Best of Murray Leinster, edited by Brian Davis
  36. The Public Life of Sherlock Holmes: Reggie Owens’ A Study in Scarlet
  37. Art of the Genre: How Paizo Continues on Where Others Have Failed, a Review of Skull & Shackles Base Set
  38. Is Size Important? Or, The Short Story Anthology Examined
  39. Record of Lodoss War and Subtle Subversions
  40. New Treasures: The Casebook of Sexton Blake, edited by David Stuart Davies


  41. Alan Moore Completes 1 Million+ Word Historical Fantasy Novel, Jerusalem
  42. Self-Published Book Review: Malarat by Jessica Rydill
  43. The Public Life of Sherlock Holmes: An Index (So Far)
  44. Goth Chick News: Chicago Comic Con 2014 – Hold Onto Your Spandex… (Part 2)
  45. Vintage Treasures: Night Fear by Frank Belknap Long
  46. Pillboxes: England’s Unused Defenses Against Hitler
  47. The Top 50 Black Gate Posts in August
  48. Fantasy and Science Fiction, April 1966: A Retro Review
  49. Blogging Sapper’s Bulldog Drummond, Part Six – The Female of the Species
  50. The Public Life of Sherlock Holmes: The Great Profile (Barrymore) Plays the Great Profile

The top categories last month were:

  1. New Treasures
  2. Books
  3. Blog Entry
  4. Fiction
  5. Reviews
  6. Vintage Treasures
  7. Editors Blog
  8. Game Reviews
  9. Art of the Genre
  10. Interviews
  11. News
  12. Art
  13. Future Treasures
  14. BG staff
  15. Comics

The Top 5o Black Gate blog posts in August are here and you can see all 108 posts we made in the month of September here.

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