Weirdbook #37 Now Available

Weirdbook #37 Now Available

Weirdbook 37-small Weirdbook 37 Table of Contents-small

Cover by João Florencio

Weirdbook published a total of five issues this year — that’s roughly 1,000 pages of brand new weird fantasy. That’s an accomplishment worth celebrating.

Issues continue to get better as well. Issue #37 was released this week, and just look at the awesome cover by João Florêncio. This issue is a special treat, as it features four Black Gate authors — Darrell Schweitzer, Michael Canfield, Jackson Kuhl, and John R. Fultz — and 20 other contributors. Click the image above right for the complete Table of Contents. John provides more detail on his story at his blog:

I’ve started a new story-cycle starring Magtone the Poet-Thief, a lyrical lowlife who inherits a gift of ancient sorcery along with a sentient flying carpet. These stories are high fantasy meets sword-and-sorcery, with an ancient-world flavor and a heavy dose of magical weirdness. The saga of Magtone’s wanderings will run mainly in the pages of Weirdbook, but he may show up in a few other publications as well. The first Magtone story is “The Veneration of Evil in the Kingdom of Ancient Lies.” It appears in Weirdbook #37… This inaugural tale introduces Magtone and the fantastic city-state of Karakutas, a metropolitan Babylon built by the power of ruthless wizard-kings. As the Doom of Karakutas approaches, Magtone strikes a deal with the only person that can save him from the coming apocalypse – the same wizard who is about to bring civilization crashing down.

Weirdbook is published by Wildside Press, and edited by Douglas Draa. Issues are 200+ pages, and priced $12 for the print edition, and $3.99 for the digital version. Subscriptions are currently not available, but you can buy individual issues at and Wildside Press. We last covered Weirdbook with issue #35. The magazine’s website is here. Our December Fantasy Magazine Rack is here. See all of our recent fantasy magazine coverage here.

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Subscriptions (Stateside) are available from Wildside Press…..

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