Star Trek After All: The New Trailer for Star Trek Beyond

Star Trek After All: The New Trailer for Star Trek Beyond

I’ve enjoyed the first two films in the Star Trek reboot, despite the fact that they’ve veered pretty far from the kind of thoughtful storytelling that made the show great. But as flashy summer blockbusters without a lot of depth go, they’re better than most — and the writers certainly captured the humor of the show, at least.

But when I saw the first trailer for the third film, Star Trek Beyond, I thought new director Justin Lin (Fast & Furious) had pretty much abandoned all pretense of making a Star Trek film in favor of a two-fisted action-comedy in space. Co-screenwriter Simon Pegg (Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, The World’s End), who also plays Scotty, has clearly put his comedy stamp on this one. Was there anything of Star Trek left?

The second trailer, released today, is a dramatic shift in tone from the first one, and seems to confirm that yes, this is a Star Trek film after all. Have a look and see what you think. Star Trek Beyond is being produced by Skydance and Bad Robot Productions, and will arrive in theaters on July 22, 2016.

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Yep, when you sink nine figures (hundreds of million$) into one two hour piece of entertainment, I suspect you have to go to incredible extremes to appeal to a radically wider target audience than the original show did…

I don’t even think I’ve even seen the first trailer, but based on the one above, punch my ticket! 🙂

Thanks John, -Tony

Speaking as someone who grew up watching and re-watching the original show, I’ve despised the writing of the first two re-boots because they didn’t seem to get much beyond the superficial features of the characters.

But this gives me a little more hope that this one might have been drafted by someone who understands a little more what the crew is about.


Id like the first reboot. I disliked the second. The first trailer confirmed my fears that Star Trek would be F&F in Space.
But the new one? Cool! Im curious about the new opponets – are they Gorn or Jem Hadar? I suspect the former, considering we know, they had a big empire in TOS.
I would hope they use the Star Trek Lore to make the story!

Thomas Parker


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