Try To Get Her, a Dystopian Romantic Comedy

Try To Get Her, a Dystopian Romantic Comedy

Elric by Bernie Mireault-small2

Art for Michael Moorcock’s The Dreamthief’s Daughter
by Bernie Mireault (Black Gate 1)

Hello, Black Gate community! I’m Bernie Mireault and I was one of the many illustrators who contributed to Black Gate back when it was a printed magazine as well as a website.

While I love illustrating prose stories, my main interest is in comic art and my most recent work is a graphic novel titled To Get Her, featuring Gordie and Janet, the main characters from my old comic book series, The Jam. The book was self-published with the aid of a Xeric grant in 2012 and 810 copies were printed. A little over 400 copies remain, and John O’Neill has graciously offered to let me post a sales pitch for it here.

[Click on any of the images for bigger versions.]

To Get Her Bernie Mireault-small

The book is 8.5″ x 11″ with rounded corners [always loved that] and printed on nice thick paper in black and white with a very detailed gray plate. Each book weighs 2 lbs. Soft cover. Printed in Canada.

There are 154 pages of primary narrative but also appendices and apocrypha, bringing the total page count to 174. I think of it as a dystopian romantic comedy and a plea for understanding from a cartoonist to their mate.

JAM Pg 010 Bernie Mireault-small


JAM Pg 011 Bernie Mireault-small


JAM Pg 012 Bernie Mireault-small

Jean Marquis, the owner-operator of La Boîte à B.D in Laval, Quebec, has taken over 200 copies of the book and it would be nice if he could sell some of those.

The book is $25 USD + shipping, and if you’re interested in acquiring a copy then just send him an email at and he’ll make it happen.


Bernie Mireault is a Canadian artist. His comic work includes Mackenzie Queen and The Jam. Comic Book Resources credits him with having “produced or helped produce three essential texts of the Modern era.” His latest project is a deluxe collected edition of the groundbreaking Canadian superhero comic Northguard. He lives in Montreal.

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